Friday, August 5, 2011

25 Weeks

Dear Baby,

Apparently you're a gymnast! We saw you again in 3D, baby, and you were all folded up like a little pretzel in there. You were folded in half and your feet and legs were up by your head. We were all laughing as we watched you wriggle your little foot at us and wave at us with your hand at the same time - all while we were just trying to take a look at your sweet face. Your Momma and Daddy don't quite know where you get your flexible abilities from - it's sure not from us!

Your Momma also got some steroid shots this week, which was no fun (and I'm sure you'll agree with me in time when you have to get your own shots). The shots will help your little lungs develop faster in case you decide to come really early. Of course while we want to see you, we don't quite want to see you until you're good and ready to come out - preferably not for another few months (plus we'd have nowhere to put you yet, as your nursery isn't anywhere near done). Nobody knows when you're going to make an appearance, though, not even the doctors, so everyone's playing it safe by giving your Momma the shots - at least for the next 7-10 days, anyways.

Your Mom has also really been nesting like crazy lately, and while it's probably mostly due to the shots, part of it is also because nobody knows when you're going to come, baby! The thought of you arriving soon and having no place to call your own has your Momma all up in a tizzy. She's been on a cleaning spree lately - organizing and cleaning out closets to make room for your arrival. Even though the doctor said to take it easy, your Momma just couldn't help herself (and was driving your Daddy crazy), but thankfully things are settling down again. At least now you've got plenty of closet space throughout the house all ready for you!

This week you're the size of a rutabaga, and you're starting to fill out and put on some baby fat:


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