Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You're A...?

Dear Baby,

On Friday we found out that you're a BOY!

And we're so excited, baby. Your Daddy was surprised because he was so sure you were a girl, and I really wasn't all that surprised - I had a feeling you were a boy all along. But either way, we're both so happy to find out and ecstatic that you're healthy - that's really all that matters to us!

To reveal you to the families we threw a little Gender Party on Saturday, and your Grandma and Grandpa on your Daddy's side came, along with your Uncle. Your Mommy's parents couldn't come because they live far away (and were visiting relatives at the time), but we made sure they felt included by sending them photos as the event unfolded.

We ordered a special cake with "It's a...?" written on it and blue frosting inside and whipped up some yummy dinner and had a fantastic time!

We let your Grandma M. cut the cake (because we knew she'd love to have that honor!), and as soon as the knife went in she started screaming, "Ahhhh! I see blue! I see blue!" and then it was pandemomium as everyone was laughing and yelling and crowding around the cake to see!

Then we called Mommy's Grandparents (and relatives) as we were sending them the photos, and couldn't help laughing as we heard yells and screams over the phone. I think at one point your Great-Uncle was yelling "I see green!!" and your Grandpa C. was repeating "It's Cletus T.! Cletus T.!" (that was the second thing out of his mouth when we announced the pregnancy to him, too - "You should name him Cletus T. if he's a boy!", the he's been pulling for that name ever since, hahaha! Your Grandpa's such a joker.)

You even received some unexpected gifts, too, which just made the party even more fun. Your Grandma M. even had the cutest idea to bring two different colored gifts - one blue, one pink, and told us we only got to open one of them after we cut the cake! (we think she was also trying to devise a way to figure out your gender before the cake cutting part, too!) And she also showed up with two adorable knitted booties - one blue and one pink, of course!

There was lots of laughing, joking, and excitement, and we all had a great time. Before the party, your Daddy and I weren't sure how the whole Gender Party thing would work out, but we are so glad we did it! It was so much fun and such a memorable way to announce you to the family, baby, and is something we'll never forget.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

19 Weeks

Dear Baby,

You move every day now, and those little tickles and flutters make my day. It is like a secret between us - nobody else in the whole world knows when you're moving except for me, and it never ceases to make me smile. Last night your Daddy put his hand on my belly to see if he could feel you, but it's too early yet. He will have to be patient until you get a little stronger. Until then, it's just our little secret, baby.

This week has been difficult for both your Daddy and I, as time is passing much too slowly for both of us. It seems that Friday will never arrive and we will always be anxiously waiting to find out if you're a boy or a girl. We both try to busy ourselves with other tasks to make the time go faster, but it doesn't work. I know that all too soon we'll be looking back with bittersweet feelings on these days and moments and wishing we had slowed down to savor and enjoy them more, but right now we are too excited and caught in the moment. But that's okay, because this is the stuff life is made of - life is for truly living and breathing every moment, and we are doing just that.

This week you're the size of a large heirloom tomato, about 6 inches long. But even more exciting is that you can hear sounds now, baby! We haven't really talked to you yet, but I'm sure we will start talking to you more in the weeks to come.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

18 Weeks

Dear Baby,

This week you've been so active! These past couple months I'd rarely feel you move or poke me, although it was always special when it happened. But this week you're really squirming around in there! The other day I felt you roll over, and I knew it was you because my stomach physically moved when you rolled. And later that day I guess you decided to try out those stronger legs of yours, because all of a sudden I felt a strong poke, which surprised me! It was much stronger than the little taps and tickles I'd felt from you before.

I've also found out this week that you're a sugar-fiend, just like your Momma! Whenever I eat something sugary (Teddy Grahams and Ice Cream seem to your favorites so far) you must go on a sugar high because you'll move so much I can't help but imagine that you're in there just dancing around! It's pretty entertaining, and when I tell your Daddy that I can feel you moving he gets this big grin on his face and it makes his day. We're both anxiously awaiting the day he can actually feel you move, too!

You're also continuing to get bigger, and this week you're the size of a bell pepper (your Daddy loves bell peppers!).

I love you,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boy or Girl?

What do YOU think we're having?

Cast your vote in the poll on the right! And if you guess right, your prize will be satisfaction and a cookie specially from me (a virtual one, of course!).

Also, feel free to ask any questions that might influence what you think we're having... baby's heartrate, carrying high vs. low, etc!

It'll be interesting to see whose right in a couple of weeks!


Friday, June 10, 2011

17 Weeks

Dear Baby,

Everyone is asking: are you a boy or a girl?

We can't seem to help ourselves, either. Will we have a daughter or a son? Will you be wearing pink and playing with horses or sporting blue and impersonating superheroes? Your Daddy thinks your a girl, but I think your a boy. In just a couple weeks we'll know for sure whose right!

Although everybody thinks we both have a preference to whether we'd like a daughter or son, we really don't. We're just happy to have you on the way, baby, and that's all that really matters.

This week you're 5 inches long, from head to bottom! And you also weigh 5 ounces, as much as a turnip:
Your skeleton is turning from soft cartiledge to bone, and you can now move your joints. You're also developing sweat glands, which I find pretty amusing, haha!


Friday, June 3, 2011

16 Weeks

Dear Baby,

Time seems to be flying by! You're growing fast now, and as the ever-increasing size of my belly proves. We have no trouble finding your little heartbeat with our monitor whenever the urge strikes us now, where before it was a bit of a feat. You're still active as ever, and only stay put in one place for a few seconds before you're off again, and to hear you we have to go searching across my belly again.

Now you're 4.5 inches long, and roughly the size of an avocado:

Your legs are getting longer, baby, and you are even getting some hair pattern on your head. Your toenails have even started growing, and I just can't wait until I can actually play with those little toes of yours. You're growing fast, baby, and in the next few weeks you'll be going through a big growth spurt.

Your Mommy and Daddy celebrated 3 years of marriage this week, baby, and while it was a sweet occasion, knowing that it was our last as a couple only made the occasion all that much sweeter. We are so excited to start a family with you, baby.

I love you,